48 led lamp


This is the last lamp that I designed.

Specifications: Power supply 12 to 24V is alternating (50Hz) fitted with 48 LED 5050 type (containing these LEDs 3 LEDs within each led) to a luminous flux of 800 lumens for the version in the cold light 5500K and 660 lumens for the version with warm light 3500K with an average consumption of about 7W lamp.

This lamp is suitable to replace neon lamps 18/20W circular consuming about one-third, and without all the problems of neon lamps, that flicker, lasting an average of about 1,500 hours compared to about 30,000 hours, neon, cold does not light, while this lamp light is instantaneous, etc ...


Examples of substitution of circular lamps neon with this lamp

Detail of fastening with only two bolts

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