Clock with LCD and PIC 18F4620 v. 2.0


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Version 2.0 of this watch has been tested and has the following features:

1) Implement languages ​​Italian, English and German runtime via the button PL3

2) Created printed circuit board (pcb)

3) Removed compensated oscillator from 10MHz and activated the 8MHz internal oscillator

4) Eliminated resistor of MCLR

5) Eliminate pull-up resistors on the buttons PL1 ~ PL5

6) When does NOT send more data synchronization via serial as it is under study the possibility of sending the EEPROM birthdays and holidays via RS232 so you can change or update without using the buttons.

Very soon, the mounting kit that includes the following components:

Printed circuit board (pcb), already programmed PIC 18F4620 (latest version), DS1306, DS32KHZ, LCD blue / white, Transistor, resistors and multi-turn trimmer, Capacitors, Sockets turned, buttons, LEDs, Buzzer, Lithium Battery, Male Strip and jumpers.


Thanks to the work of Daniele Bucciarelli was made the pcb below that is being tested and will not be long before the final version.

Temporary PCB

Photos of the PCB mounted V.3.00


Power supply PCB


Mounted power supply

At first glance it might seem easy to find a suitable container, but ... this is not so.
The following shows tests and modifications made by Daniele Bucciarelli ... with its super cutter!
I wish I had such a ...


As Daniel says: "Facial Hair" to the LCD

LCD mounted on the front panel

Technical test ...

Well ... not bad!


1Hz Signal

1Hz Signal

32.768 Hz Signal

32.768 Hz Signal

SPI Clock




Those who have already made ​​earlier versions for free download the firmware and make the above changes:

HEX file for PIC 18F4620 Italian version 2.00 12/06/2012 Clock18F v2.0.rar (14k)

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