Clock with LCD and PIC 18F4620 v. 3.0.1


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Adding the module FTDI (conversion from RS232 to USB) through a special program that interfaces with a computer.
Through this interface it is possible to synchronize the clock with your computer's clock with the utmost speed and accuracy. The computer clock is synchronized with atomic clocks scattered on our planet such as
You can also receive alarms on the PC, edit them and return them updated to the clock and at the end ... you can manage holidays and birthdays from the program on your computer and transfer it in just a few minutes into the eeprom clock no longer use the small buttons letter by letter.
* Who has implemented the USB module can also make use of the management of automatic brightness and positioning the cursor in the menu PL1

As we have received requests from users who have difficulty in finding some components and others who are unable to program the micro, we are setting up a complete kit with all components including the latest version of PCB (printed circuit board) this in keeping with the spirit of this website that aims to promote knowledge of electronics.

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Summary characteristics of previous versions


Wiring diagram version 3.00 (02/01/2013)

Attention: The strip containing the signals have not been drawn on this electric for reasons of space

Instead FTDI adapter you can use an adapter PL2303 series without modification

Prototype version 3.00 (02/01/2013)

Prototype case (Doct. Bucciarelli Daniele)

Prototype case (Doct. Bucciarelli Daniele)

Prototype case (Doct. Bucciarelli Daniele)

Screenshot software - 1

Screenshot software - 2

Screenshot software - 3

Screenshot software MPLAB (Assembler for PIC 18)

Screenshot software Visual Studio 2008

"S" command via USB used for sending alarms

Receiving alarms (Command S and response of micro)

Time between CE and sending the clock SPI interface

Clock time of 1 byte

DS1306 SPI interface 1=CE, 2=Clock, 3=DO, 4=SDI

DS1306 SPI interface 1=CE, 2=Clock, 3=DO, 4=SDI

P1 Bridge output

7809 VCC output

7809 Output ripple

Zener voltage with mains power


Those who have already made ​​earlier versions, download free the new firmware and make the above changes:

HEX file for PIC 18F4620 Multilingual version 3.01 of 12/03/2013 Clock18F v3.01.rar (17k)

File Operation Clock Version 3.01 Funzionamento Orologio Ver 3.01.pdf (86k)

Description USB functions Version 3.01 Descrizione funzioni USB Ver 3.01.pdf (54k)

PC program version 3.01 Programma PC v.3.01.rar (346k)

Database program for PC 3.1 Database.rar (15k)

Driver FTDI adapter Driver.rar (971k)

Driver Prolific adapter PL2303 series (4Mb)


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