Clock with LCD and PIC 18F4620 v. 4.00 SMD

Version with integrated transformer and lcd BIG

Version SW 4.00 e HW 6.00

Differences with the SW version 4.00 and HW 6.00 smd standard

This version has been dedicated to the BIG LCD display, display with dimensions of 62.5 mm x 146mm and when they have more space we have expanded the pcb, added to the transformer, fuse and terminal for the connection of the mains cable.

The pcb is unique, in the sense that has been deleted the pcb of small buttons for which the small buttons are at 90 and are not bright. Were also dropped two of three modules RS232, has been selected as one module FTDI (see photo in the prototypes), to request that comes with the kit.

Who is interested in the pcb or kit please contact me via email.

Wiring diagram SW v 4.00 - HW v 6.00 BIG

PCB with component position

PCB Top e bottom


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