Clock with LCD and PIC 18F4620 v. 4.00 SMD

Version SW 4.00 and HW 6.00 - 12 May 2013

News summary

This version was made ​​with the PIC 18F4620 TQFP 44-pin version, the eeprom 25LC640A in SOIC package, have been eliminated the DS1306 and compensated oscillator DS32KHZ and in their place we used a DS3234 with integrated oscillator compensated. The DS3234 provides excellent accuracy of +-2ppm.

To program the micro was added the strip ICSP (Pin 1 on the left) and the jumper JP3 with position 1-2 (left) for normal operation and 2-3 (right) for programming.

For this project were drawn two pcb, one primary and one secondary containing the connector for the lcd, the photoresistor and the small buttons.

To reduce the space, we used a 7805 with D-PAK case and added on the bottom of the PCB a further layer of copper to facilitate the dissipation, multilayer capacitors and resistors used by 5mm.

The main PCB is able to accommodate one of the three RS232 modules that we have selected.

For buttons PL1 and PL5 with the aim of detecting them immediately in the dark were used two illuminated buttons (with led), these buttons are optional in that they use the same pinout of small standard buttons.

All other functions are identical to the version 3.01, refer to this version as it does not explicitly specified here. (Some files are available for download at the bottom of this page)


The complete electrical circuit in pdf format A3 can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

Wiring diagram main pcb

Wiring diagram pcb buttons

Main PCB with component location

Main PCB

PCB with small buttons, Lcd and photoresistor

Prototype with (illuminated) small buttons






RS232 Modules

The main pcb can accommodate one of these three modules, were numbered from 1 to 3, the first to be soldered on the main PCB of the plots left, the second to the center and the third to the right.

Prototypes versions 3, 4, 5 and 6.00


Pcb prototype of the buttons with small standard buttons (resistors R14 and R15 not mounted)



Prototype active

PIC 18F4620 case DIP and TQFP


HEX file for PIC 18F4620 Multilingual Version 4.00 12/05/2013 Clock18F v4.00.rar (18k)

Clock 18F SMD TQFP Elettrico.pdf Orologio 18F SMD 1.0 TQFP 1-2 Elettrico.pdf (28k)

Datasheet DS3234 Dallas/Maxim DS3234.pdf (277k)

7805 Regulator Regolatore 7805.pdf (260k)

TE Resistors Resistenze TE.pdf (116k)

USB functions description version 3.01 Descrizione funzioni USB Ver 3.01.pdf (54k)

PC Program version 3.01 Programma PC v.3.01.rar (346k)

Database for pc program 3.01 Database.rar (15k)

FTDI driver adapter Driver.rar (971k)

PL2303 prolific series driver adapter (4Mb)


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