Twilight switch to 230V ~


This twilight switch using a PIC 12F683 micro and is powered directly from the mains without traspormatore, so you must have the necessary technical skills to avoid accidents.

The circuit diagram is divided into three parts: The power supply, the micro and the triac. The maximum power manageable is determined by the triac and the size of the slopes of power.

The micro constantly acquires the brightness level from the photoresistor, when there is a change light / dark, or vice versa, the micro verifies that this event will last at least 5 seconds before changing any exit status.

The jumper J1 is inserted into the calibration phase is suppressed because if this is the routine of the 5 seconds to immediately verify the desired brightness level.

Wiring Diagram

File .HEX to program the micro Crepuscolare230.rar (1k)

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