Clock Kit with PIC 18F4620

Since some users have had difficulty in finding some components to achieve the clock with PIC 18F4620 Version 3.01 to cater for those in need we have put together some sort of kit containing the materials listed below. As this is an amateur site discharge to the spread of electronics, the kit is proposed to the cost of parts plus shipping.

The kit includes: PIC 18F4620 already programmed, DS1306, DS32KHZ compensated oscillator, EEPROM 25LC640A, 7809 and 7805 voltage regulators, BC327, LCD Display (standard) 4-line 20-character white, Buzzer SMA13, 9V Rechargeable NiMh Battery 3V Lithium , Photoresistor, 5 small buttons for printed circuit, bridge rectifier, Zener 5.1 V 0.5 W, 3 Schottky diodes, 1N4004, 4 professional sockets 40, 16, 14 and 8 pins, clips 9V battery, 2 LEDs, 2 jumpers, 1 male strip 2.54, all resistors, capacitors and multi-turn trimmer, RS232 converter Module PL2303 type and the printed circuit board. (Not transformer and container).

The LCD display is always sent with the strip already welded because before sending is tested on our prototype for about 1 hour.


Since there are other versions of this watch, those interested in the PCB KIT or contact me via email.


Description and Programs

Installation Instructions MontaggioKit.pdf (570k)

HEX file for PIC 18F4620 Multilingual version 3.01 of 12/03/2013 Clock18F v3.01.rar (17k)

File Operation Clock Version 3.01 Funzionamento Orologio Ver 3.01.pdf (86k)

Description USB functions Version 3.01 Descrizione funzioni USB Ver 3.01.pdf (54k)

PC program version 3.01 Programma PC v.3.01.rar (346k)

Database program for PC 3.1 Database.rar (15k)

Driver FTDI adapter Driver.rar (971k)

Driver Prolific adapter PL2303 series (4Mb)



Datasheet Componenti

LCD 20x4 LCD.pdf (520Kb)  (This datasheet is generic because we have different types of LCD, unless otherwise specified the lcd is white characters on a black background. For other types of lcd please contact us.

Buzzer SMA series Buzzer SMA.pdf (1,7Mb)

PIC 18F4620 PIC 18F4620.pdf (4,1Mb)

25LC640A 25LC640A.pdf (1Mb)

DS1036 DS1306.pdf (320Kb)

DS32KHZ DS32kHz.pdf (400Kb)

7809 7809.pdf (1,5Mb)

7805 7805.pdf (260Kb)

BC327 BC327.pdf (65Kb)

1N4004 1N4004.pdf (80Kb)

SB140 SB140.pdf (78Kb)

Zener 5,1V Zener 5.1V.pdf (253Kb)

Buttons Pulsanti.pdf (302Kb)

Lithium battery BR2032V2A Batteria Litio BR2032V2A.pdf (300Kb)

9V Ni-Mh battery Ansmann Batteria 9V.pdf (253Kb)

Warning: Many photos (below) are not made with the PCB kit (v.5.00) but with an experimental version that we use for testing.


LCD Display "Big" and Standard (white on black)

LCD Display "Big" and Standard (white on black)

LCD Display "Big" and Standard (white on black)

LCD Display "Big" and Standard (white on black)

PCB Version 5.00 (Dr. Daniele Bucciarelli)

Top, Bottom and component location

Component names and pin-strip, red pin strip are pin 1 or the positive of polarized components

Detail strip signals

RS232: 1 GND, 2 micro TX to RX module, 3 micro RX to TX module

SVEGLIE: 1 Out Common alarm clocks, 2 Alarm Out 3, 3 Alarm Out 2, 4 Alarm Out 1, 5 VDC +5 V, GND 6, 7 and 8 JP2 jumper to activate buzzer BZ1

SPI: 1 VCC +5 V, GND 2, 3 Reserve sensor, 4 SDA Sensor Temperature / Humidity (v3.10), 5 micro SPI, 6 SPI Clock micro, 7 SPI Out micro, 8 micro pin 40, 9 micro pin 39

BUTTON: 1 GND, 2 PL1, 3 PL2, 4 PL3, 5 PL4, 6 PL6

Standard LCD Display (White on black)

Standard LCD Display (White on black)

Standard LCD Display (White on black) compared with "Big" LCD

Photos during assembly


Version 5.00 PCB component side

Version 5.00 PCB solder side

Mounting professional sockets

Mounting resistors and capacitors (R10 missing for testing current)

First lighting with LCD test

View of the set (missing R10)

The content of these pages was released for teaching applications WITHOUT end of I make money from. For any other type of application it be able to contact me via email.