LED Strips controlled in PWM

with PIC 12F683, for home or car

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After receiving several requests for the pilot of the famous Strip Led White / blue / red / green etc. ... I posted this project. The particularity of this project is that with a single button you manage on and off most of the strip brightness adjustment with memory.


As shown in the circuit diagram, led strips in question must be powered at 12VDC, therefore the scheme requires 12V power supply for the strip, as well as the 5V to power the micro and the transistor. The scheme is intended for 12V power supply, if you want to use in the car, the components are to be excluded ONLY the transformer and the rectifier bridge. Who thought of eliminating the controller 7812, do not do because the voltage of the car battery can rise above 14V irreparably damage the strip of LEDs when exposed to that voltage for more than a few minutes.

The button, when pressed for a time less than 400mS is used to turn on or off the strip of LEDs, if you hold it down for more than 400mS, then an increasing ramp that when reaching the maximum value is reversed in descending ramp for adjusting the brightness of the strip. This value is stored for subsequent start-ups without having to set it every time. On power, it throws a ramp that starts from zero up to the preset voltage value, by doing so you avoid sudden surges of current on the LEDs, prolonging battery life.

The Led

These LED strips are usually sold or per meter or per piece, each piece is made ​​up of 3 LED and resistor to fall, the supply is 12V and the light they emit is good. To purchase, you should contact a good electronics store.


Electric diagram



Prototype off

Prototype on



Led particular

Led particular

File HEX for PIC 12F683 Led.rar (1k)


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