12 Led G4 Lamp

 This lamp was designed towards the end of 2008 to replace the 20W G4 halogen lamps.

Our lamp has 12 LED 5050 type (selected) for the version that cold light provide about 200 lumens, about the same luminous flux produced by a good halogen lamp mentioned above but ...

12V to its consumption is of about 2 WATT (a tenth!) and its duration ... about 30,000 hours!

Having mounted upstream of a bridge rectifier, this lamp can operate both in direct and alternating current at 50 Hz, it is mounted both in the camper on direct current that the kitchens in place of the halogen on alternating current.

Wiring Diagram

Material needed for the realization of the lamp 12 Led

Printed circuit board component side

Pcb side led

Model Lamp 9 LED warm light

Lamp 9 LED cold light

Lamp 12 LED cold light

Lamp 12 LED warm light

Test lamps

Lamp mounted in a spot for campers

12 LED lamps compared with halogen lamp

Test the "noise" generated by the PT4115

Absorption of a lamp at random to 12 LEDs, about 2W

Model Special 9 + 1 LEDs LED rear

Possibility to mount the socket horizontally or vertically

Thermal tests and color temperature

Installation of LED lamps 12 on camper

Display with LED lamps mixed


Data sheet PT4115 PT4115E.pdf (933k)

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