Strip Flexible high brightness

This strip was made for us to achieve about a year ago from a company in Taiwan and mounts led Epistar high brightness.

The technical characteristics of the entire strip 5mt are: 600 LEDs, 5100 lumens (more than 5 lamps 100W incandescent), 12V DC, 8A, cuttable every 3 LED that is 2.5 cm. (E 'also available in a waterproof backing for outdoor use.)

This strip has nothing to do with the common strip that mount 3 led every 5cm, but is designed to replace a strip of neon lamps, incandescent and halogen lamps.

The indicative cost of this strip is:

1 piece 2.5cm, 3 led, 25.5 lumens, absorption at about 12V 40mA € 1,50

1 piece of 50cm, 60 LEDs, 510 lumens, absorption at about 12V 780mA € 28,00

1 piece 1m, 120 LEDs, 1020 lumens, absorption at about 12V 1500mA € 50,00

The following shows hundreds of photos of lamps that were created or modified, replacing halogen lamps, incandescent, and neon.

P.S. The site shown in the pictures below and adhesives, is our former site, which no longer online

Lamp sail to which has been eliminated from the halogen 300W and replaced with this strip mounted on an aluminum foil for heat dissipation.

Substitution of a neon tube 8W with this strip, the absorption is about half the 4.5 W, the duration is changed from about 1000 hours to 30,000 hours and the ignition is immediate.

Many of these lamps and ceiling lights have been changed to the edge of campers, boats and common lamps from home.

Replacing a halogen lamp 12V 20W 200 lumens and 1000 hours of life with 36 leds, 5.6 W, luminous flux of 300 lumens and a life of at least 30,000 hours

Replacing a lamp 12V 21W +5 W for motor-home with 24 LEDs, 200 lumens and a power consumption of 3.7 W


Below several examples of substitutions



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