Lamps and prototypes

This is a list of prototypes and tests of various kinds of LED lamps

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Curtains led light

Digital LED Strip Outdoor

Neon LED, rigid bars and flexible strip

Led bulbs E27 socket 230V ~

Prototype LED candle

Testing of current and temperature of LED 8W

Prototype lamp 60 led 5050

Mounting power supplies

Driver test

Prototype lamp with G4 LED 1W

Thermal tests

3 led (3W)

Socket E27 5 LED 1W

E27 socket 7 led 1W

E27 socket 12 led 1W

1 Socket E27 3W leds

Socket E27 1 LED 10W

Led 3,5W

Led 8W

Led 0,5W

Neon led

Outdoor LED Floodlights

Strip rgb outdoor

Light curtain

Tests lighting

Detection of LUX

1 Socket E27 5W LED cold light

Socket E27 1 LED 5W warm light

Outdoor floodlight 15 LEDs of 1W

Installing the Projector and outdoor lighting sign

Strip RGB high-brightness

Strip Indoor Color

Ceiling panel 30x30

1 Led Spotlight 12V 3W

Led 30W

Power supply for LED 30W

Other prototype lamp G4

Driver MR16 lamp with 3 LED 1W

5050 led rigid bar with epoxy resin

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